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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
Intro Pennywise Unknown Road Unknown Road
Terje Haakonsen
Reto Lamm
Oliver Holzmann
David Vincent
Only Living Witness Slug Prone Mortal Form
Kevin Young God Is LSD Girls on Fire Spirit of Suicide
Jamie Lynn
Jason Basarich
Rich Kids on LSD Tribute to the Jester Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare
Cops in Seattle Inner Circle Bad Boys The Stars of Reggae Sunsplash
Mike Ranquet Pantera Walk (Cervical Mix) Vulgar Display of Power
John Cardiel
Jim Rippey
Jamie Lynn
Pennywise Time to Burn Unknown Road
Jay Liska
Kam Stereotype Neva Again
Jim Rippey
Steve Graham
Dave Seoane
Jamie Lynn
Little B
Matt Cummins
Tool Intolerance Undertow
Masa Ogawa Swervedriver Son of Mustang Ford Raise
(BEAR Mt.)
Jeff Anderson
Jamie Lynn
Brian Thien
Gilligan Yoder
The Offspring Sessions Ignition
Steve Graham Pantera Fucking Hostile Vulgar Display of Power
Alex Warburton
Steve Graham
Shawn Farmer
Tool Hush Opiate
Bryan Iguchi For Love Not Lisa Merge Merge
Terje Haakonsen
Sebu Kuhlberg
Aleksi Vanninen
Daniel Franck
Skin Yard Inside the Eye Inside the Eye
Dave Seoane Bazooka Reptillicus Promiscuous Perfectly Square
Jamie Lynn
John Cardiel
Jim Rippey
Brian Thien
Circe Wallace
Chris Roach
Monty Roach
Jeff Petit
Pennywise Dying to Know Unknown Road
Jim Rippey Bad Religion Only Entertainment Generator
(Mt. Hood)
Todd Richards
Joel Mahaffey
Carabeth Burnside
Chris Roach
Knuckleheadz All She Wanted
Jamie Lynn Electric Love Hogs Just Another Day Electric Love Hogs
(Valle Nevado)
Janna Meyen
Todd Richards
Shawn Palmer
J. Nelson
Jason Basarich
Tool Undertow Undertow