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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes Amazon
USA 日本 USA 日本
opening Air Waves Lightning Dungeon Dots
高橋正充 Elias & The Wizzkids Fourth of July A Little Mess
伊藤明日香, Get’z, Kazuma
Qkan, 松田ひろあき
Apartment Parkingdumb Apartopology
石山崇人, 赤川陽輔, 渡辺恭介 Cheese on Bread Cornfields, Cornfields! The Search for Colonel Mustard
高橋博美, 降旗由紀, 加藤ちず Who knew We Do Bits And Pieces Of A Major Spectacle
松浦広樹 Fieros In My Veins The Fieros
寺西正樹 The Broken Beats All The Diamonds In Rio You're Powerful, Beautiful and Extraor
杉本幸士 Elias & The Wizzkids Regret The Dance
A Little Mess
春山 Who Knew Cuckoo nest Bits And Pieces Of A Major Spectacle
Boats Bird Week Cannonballs, Cannonballs
credit Air Waves Knock out Dungeon Dots