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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
Opening Scene/Credits One Self Be Your Own Children of Possibility
Amon Tobin Ruthless Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3 (Soundtrack from the Video Game)
Lost Prophets We Still Kill The Old Way
Girdwood, Alaska
Chugach Powder Guides
Damien Rice Eskimo O
Switchfoot Dare You To Move The Beautiful Letdown
Aspen, Colorado
Live to Ride, Ride to Live
Xavier Rudd G.B.A. Solace
Dirty Halo Check it Damn Good Day
John Butler Trio What You Want Sunrise Over Sea
Various Locations
Snowboard Montage
Audioslave Your Time Has Come Out of Exile
Hunter Mountain, New York
The Stringcheese Incident Tinder Box
Claude McLin Jambo
Blue River, British Columbia
Mike Wiegele
Hush Love's Asleep Love's Asleep
Har mar Superstar As (Seasons) The Handler
Courchevel, France
European Tour De Force
Brazilian Girls Sirenes de le Fete
Audioslave Be Yourself Out of Exile
Vail, Colorado
The Warren Miller Experience
The Crest L-Ascorbic acid
The Zutons Don't Ever Think (Too Much) Who Killed the Zutons?
Cordova, Alaska
Points North Heli-Skiing
Lanterna Sands Sands
Jack Johnson Staple It Together In Between Dreams
Incubus Warning Morning View
Extreme Skipping Blue Collar Special I Want
Blue Collar Special .8-22-03
Heavenly, California
Heavenly Through the Ages
Slang When the Blood Burns The Bellwether Project
Pearl Jam Even Flow Ten
Phantom Planet The Happy Ending Phantom Planet
One Self Be Your Own Children of Possibility
Pacific Ocean
USS Nimitz
The Crystal Method Badass CSII Exclusives
Summit Lake, Alaska
Rumblebees Hey You
The Zutons Pressure Point Who Killed the Zutons?
The Canyons, Utah Mofro Six Ways from Sunday Lochloosa
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Trancendental Suicide Origin, Vol. 1
Robbie Wood Friends of the Cold
Backcountry Ski Montage
Critical Brass Sustain the Chain(Buck it)
Engelberg, Switzerland Kyle Hollingsworth The Crusade Never Odd or Even
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Bigtime Origin, Vol. 1
Copper Mountain, Colorado
Ski Bum Lifestyle
Dirty Halo Zilch Damn Good Day
Your Enemies Friends Back of a Taxi You Are Being Videotaped
The Crest Heart Shaped Box Skeptik
Dirty Halo Flow Damn Good Day
Chamonix, France
Amon Tobin Ruthless Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3 (Soundtrack from the Video Game)
Blue River, British Columbia
Mike Wiegele
Slang Third Ear The Bellwether Project
VAST Thrown Away Nude
Tail Credits Agent Sparks Last Chance, Last Take
KillRadio Freedom Raised On Whipped Cream