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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
intro Me and My Gun Keeper Minuitemen
Jean-Claude Van JAM Yard Jam
backcountry The Sumner Brothers Goin out West In the Garage
The Deep Dark Woods Hang Me, Oh Hang Me Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
guns The Sumner Brothers My Words Sumner Brothers
village Me and My Gun Jackson
Sam O'daira Untitled
Me and My Gun Swamp Nuts
The Sumner Brothers Pain Sumner Brothers
In The Flesh Where Now?
Creeper The Bloom
Jamie Lynn Kandi Coded Trainwreck
Demon's Claws That Old Outlaw Satan's Little Pet Pig
cliff/tree The Sumner Brothers Good Place to Go In the Garage
rafting The Deep Dark Woods River In the Pines Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
japan Jamie Lynn Kandi Coded Surf Jam Jamie
Sam O'daira Japan Jam
Joel Einhorn No Sleep Til the Barmitevah
bridge/camp The Deep Dark Woods Redwood Forrest Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
pillows Creeper Creepy
Me and My Gun Mice and Elephants
C.W. Dein Dubstrip
Yer Face Track 8
dowell Calabrese Midnight Spookshow 13 Halloweens
Curt Morgan Dominator
Common Yet Forbidden Riff List (Instrumental) The Struggle
end titles The Deep Dark Woods Journey Home Hang Me, Oh Hang Me