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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
INTRO i-sHiNe i Remember song
Eirik Haugo-INTRO Mind Kaos
Eirik Haugo No fun at all Alcohol Master Celebrations
Marco Feichtner Paris 60 minutes Secrets On Tape
Jocki Koffler DJ Chrome Drop it like it's lonely
Eric Themel Mightiness Chilla
Basti Balser
Bjorn Hartweger
The lost patrol band Get ready The Lost Patrol Band
Lukas Goller
Beckna Eberharter
Money Brother They're Bulding Walls Around Us They're Building Walls Around Us
Hannes Metzler DJ Chrome Don't say safety
Lukas Draxl
Lars Oesterle
Andy Lehmann
Thomas Brunner
Turbonegro Wasted Again Party Animals
Jonte Edvardson Super Sweet M.I. Baby, you got me
Gigi Ruf MC Webber/Yin T' Sang Tomorrow
Mitya Fisenko Kabanjak These Streets We Walk Grow