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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
intro I-Shine Overseas
Marko Grilz Pulpa 2 AM Fightmusic
Emeric Front
Bjorn Hartweger
Ghost Cat Fill Me Up
Mitya Fesenko
Trainspotters That's How Rewind & Kap
Sani Alibabic
David Benedek
Scanners Raw Violence Is Golden
Mike Casanova Helo Gordie Black Man Road
Danny larsen
TJ Schneider
Cato Salsa Experience MF
Hans Ahlund J?RO (From Tha Alkaoliks) ooooweee
Hannes Metzler
Jocki Koffler
Onlythelonely Wrong Place Wrong Time
Kalle Ohlsen Tokyo Police Club Be Good A Lesson In Crime
Dan Brisse Turbonegro No, I'm Alpha Male Retox
outro Congomancrew feat Mystic Man Rum Fast