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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
Opening The Black Keys When the Lights Go Out Rubber Factory
Pushing it The Faint Take Me to the Hospital Saddle Creek 50
Mark Abma segment Marilyn Manson Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth The Golden Age of Grotesque
Hugo Harrisson Bran Van 3000 Stepchild Discosis
Ingrid Bacstrom
Rory Bushfield
Eric Hjorleifson
Pinback Fortress Summer In Abaddon
Simon Dumont Fort Minor ft. Styles of Beyond Remember the Name Rising Tied
Cunninlynguists War Southernunderground
Sarah Burke The Sounds Tony the Beat Dying to Say This to You
Eric Hjorleifson Louis XIT Finding our True Love is Blind
Shane McConkey Wolfmother Mind's Eye Wolfmother
Ingrid Backstrom Peaches Boys Wanna Be Her Impeach My Bush
Rory Bushfield Supersuckers Born with a Tail The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Supersuckers
Mike Wilson Goons of Doom Blood On the Streets Bikey Zomby - EP
Sammy Carlson
Simon Dumont
Mike Douglas
Mark Abma
The Vapors Turning Japanese This Is... 1980
Sammy Carlson GZA Stay in Line Legend of the Liquid Sword
Eric Pollard Death Cab for Cutie Soul Meets Body Plans
Chris Rubens
Mike Douglas
The Hurt Rapture Single
Simon Dumont Fort Minor featuring Styles of Beyond Remember the Name The Rising Tied
Doubles, Credits Goons of Doom She Wore Rat Skin Boots Bikey Zomby - EP