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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes Amazon
USA 日本 USA 日本
Tyler Lynch
Jamin Beattie
Know One Savali…It’s Complicated Know One's Home
Preston Harper
Alex Hereford
Anthony Mazzotti
ph10 4PM(original mix) BK United (The Pete Miser Files)
Eric Leon, Daniel Brown
Ben Bilodeau, Dakota Whitaker
Niko Cioffi, Ryan Allaire
Matt Douglass, Keenan Cawley
Dylan Lynch, Preston Harper
The Beatards Music is my occupation Big Bad Beat
Gremlinz@Squw Valley:
Dylan Lynch, Niko Cioffi
Preston Harper, Sawyer Deen
Tyler Lynch
Know One Suite&tie
Makoto Takeda, Lenny Mazzotti
Masato Toda, Andrew Parsons
Ben Bilodeau, Lucas Magoon
ph10 Needless to say Helmutvision
Gremlinz@Bear Mountain:
Lucas Magoon, Justin Mulford
Tyler Lynch, Anthony Mazzotti
Alex Hereford, Preston Harper
The Beatards Dang Diggy Dang Big Bad Beat
Matias Nordby
Ian Sams
Mister O & Idris Goodwin Long Time Listeners American Rapper
Alex Hereford Pro & Reg Hey