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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
Opening Paraele Stripes Blues Phirst Tense
田中陽 Ryouji a.K.a H the Man Grow Uuup
横田真央人 Hear From Here A Time To Wait Andcrashend
山崎誠司 Funky DL Street Smartz Since 77
小池学, 阪西翔 Country Yard My Other Side Modern Sounds
上村好太朗 Brownhiro Temple of Sun Feat.Shine5
堀井優作 G-FREAK FACTORY 風(上毛三山 ver.) 島生民
藤森由香, 上野友紀 winnie starlike stereo The Darkest Eternal Lights - EP
岡本圭司 Paraele Stripes 4th Night Feyz
Chokesleeper Other Side Story Chokesleeper
Ending Egg Brain MIDDLE What's Gonna Come Out