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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
Behind Your Dreams The Ground
Ola Swingers Du Ska Inte Tro Du Vet Allt
Mustasch Unsafe At Any Speed Ratsafari
Mando Diao Sweet Ride Bring 'Em In
Per Huss Iris I Begin to Fall I Begin to Fall
Magnus Loo Liberator Ignorance A Bliss Are You Liberated?
Robban Olsson Hederos & Hellberg Take Care Take Care
Mustasch Black City Ratsafari
Sebastian Garhammer Topaz Si Lo Quieres/If You want It
Frode Gronvold Mando Diao Mr. Moon Bring 'Em In
Johan Fahlstrom Teenage Idols Northern City Northern City
Robert Olsson
Henke Winstedt
Prominent Long Time Coming Long Time Coming
Marja Persson The Sounds Hope You're Happy Now Living In America
Jacob Wester Gusto One time to many
Mikael Af Ekenstam Christian Kjellvander Homeward rolling soldier Songs from a Two-Room Chapel
Henrik Andersson
Patrik Sundberg
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Capitalism Stole My Virginity A New Morning, Changing Weather
Jon Olsson Looptroop Don't Hate The Player The Struggle Continues
Jon Larsson Danko Jones Lovercall Born A Lion