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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
Thomas Rusiak In The Sun In the sun
Sverker Mauritzeon Bring Me Water
Jon Larsson The Soundtrack Of Our Lives Bigtime Origin, Vol. 1
Erik Strand Papa De Live It Up! Live It Up!
Marja Persson Her Majesty You And Me Against The World The Past Is Not A Good Idea
Niklas Karlstroom Promoe These Walls Don't Lie Long Distance Runner
Emanuel Hedvall Los Skeletones Pump Action Pimp
Nikola Sarcevic Glue Girl Lock-Sport-Krock
Per Huss Slow Train Naturally Illegal Cargo
Johan Fahlstrom
Fredrik Hellman
Oscar Scherlin
Mattias Ronngren
Longhorns Surf 99
Jacob Wester Randy X-Ray Eyes Welfare Problems
Kung Kodum Sta Upp Kung Kodum
Damni Got To Go
The Solution Get On Back
Jon Olsson Pay TV Trendy Discotheque Iceland Fashion Week
Per Huss Fidget Living On Video Living On Video
Infinite Mass No. 1 Swartskalle 1991