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Video Section Artist Song Album iTunes
USA Japan
OPENING Air Don't Be Light (Malibu Remix) Everybody Hertz
Romain De Marchi Joe strummer and the Mescaleros Arms Aloft Streetcore
Yannick Amevet Lemon Jelly Space Walk Lost Hoizons
Gigi Ruf
Romain DeMarchi
Stefan Gimpl
Nicolas Muller
Beastie Boys Rhyme The Rhyme Well To The 5 Boroughs
Gigi Ruf RJD2 Since '76 Since We Last Spoke
ALASKA Loveage Stroker Ace Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
Wolle Nyvelt
Ingemar Backman
Stiffed It's Unanimous Burned Again
David Melancon
Kier Dillon
Zach Leach
Trevor Andrew
The Roots feat, Nelly Furtado Sacrifice Phrenology
Jonaven Moore Fugazi Burning Too 13 Songs
Nicolas Droz Dj Sebb
Stefan Gimpl
Steve Gruber
Wolle Nyvelt
Supersuckers Pretty Fucked Up Motherfuckers Be Trippin'
Matt Beardmore RJD2 Since We Last Spoke Since We Last Spoke
Nicolas Muller Miho Hatori and Mike D Metaphysical
Travis Rice Modest Mouse Float on Good News For People Who Love Bad News
Nicolas Muller Ennio Morricone The Good the Bad & the Ugly Music for the Movies of Clint Eastwood
END CREDITS Wes Makepeace War is Hell